Long Term Care / Life Insurance

Investment and Insurance plans to help ensure a secure financial future

Long Term Care Insurance, Life Insurance, and Small Supplementary Insurance.

Long Term Care Insurance Plans

Long-Term Care (LTC) is the assistance you need when you can not perform the “Activities of Daily Living” (ADL) independently. It isn’t the subject that most care to dwell upon. However, the failure to discuss or plan for the high costs of long-term care is causing American families to be unprepared to meet these high costs. First, the question is, who will pay for your LTC? Medicare and Medicaid’s instability along with the diminishing US resources for LTC has prompted a government response to the impending LTC crisis.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) along with the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) motivated Congress to set new standards for Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCi). Federal and State have joined together to promote LTCi by providing tax-incentives and offering State LTC Partnership plans.

Contact us to learn how the Wisconsin State Partnership Qualified LTC Insurance Plans can help to protect your assets and provide tax incentives.


Life Insurance Plans

Death is not something that anyone wants to think about, however, you cannot afford to not think about it when planning for your families future. The last thing that you want to do is leave your spouse/partner or children in financial trouble.


Viva Care can walk you through the process of choosing the right life insurance carrier and coverage for your needs, such as:

  • Final Expense
  • Personal Debt
  • Providing for parter/spouse/childing
  • Endowments

Final Expenses Insurance – Covers the various expenses that come when someone dies – funeral and burial costs as well as the variety of unexpected expenses. The average funeral today costs $8,000 to $10,000.

Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance – No medical exam required, making them a good choice for senior citizens. However, people of all ages can apply for life insurance.

Term Life Insurance – These policies provide a stated benefit upon the death of the policy owner and musts be renewed when the policy is expired to receive benefits.

Whole Life Insurance – These policies include an investment component which accumulates a cash value and feature these benefits:

  • Static Premiums
  • Pays Dividends
  • Redeemable Cash Value
  • Tax Deferred Savings

Living Benefits – Living Benefit policies gives you tax-free access to the death benefit to pay for long-term care expenses. This feature can help protect your other assets from the potentially overwhelming cost of long-term care. The death benefit remaining in the policy when you die will pass income-tax free to your beneficiaries.