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Serving the Suamico & Green Bay, Wisconsin Area

I will personally assist you with knowledge of your ever-changing insurance choices. The importance of timing and relationships to important planning steps along your timeline, from.

  • Employer Group Coverage and Cobra Extension Benefits
  • Marketplace Insurance and Qualified Health Plans
  • Gap Filler Alternatives: Short Term, Indemnity, Hospital Coverage Plans
  • Medicare Plans (A, B, C and D)
  • Income Planning (Deferral, Taxes)
  • Asset Protection: Life Insurance, Long Term Care (State Partnership)

Most advisors lead on a one-sided approach, leaving you hanging without relational knowledge. Seek independence sooner, understand how to proceed.

As an independent health insurance agent, Tim is an expert in the field of insurance a means to transfer risks throughout your life. Helping individuals, families and small business, throughout the Green Bay Area, with what I call “WHealth Planning”.

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