Health Insurance

For Individuals, Families and Small Groups

Health Insurance – Affordable Health Care

At Viva Care we understand and have access to a number of health insurance plans for individuals, families, and businesses. Give us a call or email today for a FREE Quote!


Health Insurance Options

State / National Health Insurance Plans 

  • Obamacare – Affordable Health Care Act
  • Badger Care and Medicaid
  • Cobra Coverages
  • HIRSP (Health Insurance Risk Sharing Plan)

Short Term Health and Disability Insurance Plans – These are plans for individuals and families in times of transition and change. It is a health insurance plan to bridge a gap for month to month, up to 11 months.

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Copay Plans – These plans are designed for individuals and families who have regularly scheduled doctor visits.

High Deductible Plans – With lower premiums, you select the choice of coverage that makes you most comfortable. The higher the deductible the lower the premiums.

Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans – We combine a lower-cost, high deductible health insurance plan and a tax-favored savings account. This is for people interested in more control over how their health care dollars are spent and families interested in one calendar-year deductible per family.

Supplemental Insurance Benefits – You may reduce or eliminate your out of pocket exposure to accident related incidents or a critical illness. This type of plan can be stand alone or be built into other health insurance coverages.

Dental and Vision Plans – Like supplemental insurance benefits, dental and vision plans may stand alone or be built into a broader package of insurance coverage.

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